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31 Days of Gratitude

The new year can bring about a new focus on things that aren't of value. However, I want to help us change that. I would love for you to join me for the first 31 days of the new year as we practice gratitude. Each day we will do something to grow, live and practice being grateful and showing gratitude. Thank you for taking this journey with me. 

Grab your pen, your journal and lets get started. 


Day- 01 write what gratitude means to you.


Day- 02 write 2 things you are grateful for.

Day- 03 begin your day with prayer/meditation.


Day- 04 write down someone you are grateful to have met and why.

Day- 05 write 2 things you don't want to live without and why. 

Day- 06 write down 3 places you love. 

Day- 07 write down 2 places you've enjoyed with someone. 

Day- 08- write 3 failures you are thankful for. 

Day- 09 complete a random act of kindness.

Day- 10 write your favorite quote/verse about gratefulness.

Day- 11 write what you are grateful for today.

Day- 12 write your favorite things to do.

Day- 13 thank someone who supports you.


Day- 14 write an experience you are thankful for.


Day- 15 write 4 people you are grateful for and why.

Day- 16 listen to songs that calm you.

Day- 17 have lunch/dinner with someone you are grateful for.

Day- 18 write down how you feel this morning.

Day- 19 write 2 things you received as gifts. 

Day- 20 write down who inspires you.

Day- 21 write how you feel this evening.

Day- 22 make a list of your happiest moments. 

Day- 23 write who/what you see as a problem and write something positive about it/them.

Day- 24 say thank you to someone you are thankful for on your social media accounts. 

Day- 25 write down what makes you happy. 

Day- 26 write 2 things you are grateful for in your job. 

Day- 27 write 2 things you are grateful for about your childhood.

Day- 28 write down what keeps you calm.

Day- 29 write a win or success.

Day- 30 write 3 ways you can show gratitude. 

Day- 31 write a thank you note to yourself.

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