Antonio lives to INSPIRE others to exceed their own expectations.

Antonio Jennings is well versed in many subjects. He is a Fitness Trainer, Coach, Author, Ordained Minister and Community Activist. His focus is on helping individuals become their very best. 

Community Empowerment.

Antonio describes methods on improving and sustaining a Community that creates opportunity for success.

Health & Fitness.

Antonio explains the importance of personal health and fitness. He describes the tools needed to maintaining a healthy lifestyle and the exercises, nutrition plans that are successful in weight-loss and weight gain.

Making Dreams A Reality

Antonio focuses on how to make a dream more than just a dream but reality. Antonio focuses on goal setting, preparation and execution.

Inspiration & Motivation

Antonio describes way to stay motivated and inspires one to get outside of their comfort zone and create the life they’ve always wanted. Also, he motivates and inspires a specific group of people to reach a specific goal.


Areas of Specialization

Community Empowerment, Health & Fitness, Motivation, Inspiration, Religion



National Association of Sports Medicine, Strength & Conditioning Certification, 2013

St. Olaf College, B.A., Religion, American Racial & Multicultural Affairs, Religion, English, 2011



“21 Days of Inspiration”, (2016)

"What Is Your Why?", (2018)

Keynote Speaker Radcliffe Presbyterian Church (Oct 2019)

Keynote Speaker Teacher Leadership Summit (Aug. 2019)

Keynote Speaker Diversity & Inclusion Seminar: ​Hampden-Sydney College (March 2019)

Love Requires at Harvard University (March 2019)

Building Community at Fort Hays State University (Feb 2019)

Keynote Speaker Century College (Feb 2019)

Keynote Speaker TRIO DAY Hibbing College (Feb 2019)

Leadership Day at Vermilion Community College (Oct 2018)

Next Step at Douglass High School (Sept 2018) 

Keynote Speaker at St. Olaf College (Sept 2018)

Keynote Speaker at Limitless Church (July 2018)

Keynote Speaker for the Home Depot Awards Banquet (Feb 2018)

Keynote Speaker at University Of West Georgia (Feb 2018)

Wedding Facilitator Key West Florida (Jan 2018)

“Living a Healthy Life” Frederick Douglass High School (April 2017)

Invited Talks and Conference Presentations

“Being A Great Athlete,” at Benjamin E. Mays High School (Aug 2016)


Facilitator at Thomas & Danielle Cheeks Wedding Ceremony (Feb 2016)


Seminar speaker at “Black in America” seminar at Clark Atlanta University (Feb 2016)


Seminar speaker at Dr. Phillip Duncan’s seminar “Where is God” at Friendship Baptist Church (Oct 2015)


“More than an Athlete,” at Forest Park High School (Aug 2015)


Keynote Speaker “A Better Community,” at Georgia State University (March 2015)


Keynote Speaker “Health & Fitness” at Morehouse College (Jan 2015)


Seminar speaker “Health, Fitness & Self-Love,” at Lee University (Oct 2014)


Motivational Speaker “Pre-Game Motivation” (Football) at St. Olaf College (Aug 2014)


Seminar speaker “Improving Race Relations,” at Vincennes University (Feb 2014)


Seminar speaker “Our Community,” at Mount Carmel Baptist Church (Sept 2013)


Keynote speaker “A Conversation with God” Cascade United Methodist Church (June 2013)


Keynote speaker “Giving Back” Yoshiama Community Service Award (March 2013)

We have all been planted here for a purpose and our mission is to help as many people as we can fulfill theirs.


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