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Clock and Plant


Many of the greatest and life changing conversations I've experienced have been over a cup of hot tea. I've seen first hand the transformative power of conversations as they can literally shift the direction of someone's life. I want to create a space for you to have a conversation that I hope will help you in someway. With fall and winter approaching, our team came together and decided to create "Tea Talks'. "Tea Talks" are moments for you to unload ideas, seek help with strategic planning, thought provoking questions, a moment to feel valued and find inspiration and so much more. Our hope is that you will in someway leave these conversations we have feeling inspired, hopeful and ready to take the next step along your journey. We offer both on-line & in-person "Tea Talks". I am excited to announce that our bookings are now LIVE. Book your "Tea Talk" with me TODAY! Click the Book Appointment button below. TALK SOON